WATCH: Good Samaritans save Pa. father, 4 kids after car swept up in floodwaters

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (KYW/CNN) - A group of good Samaritans in Pennsylvania used a backhoe to rescue a father and his four children after rushing floodwaters swept their car off the road.

Dan DiGregorio and three other good Samaritans witnessed a car get swept out of sight Tuesday in the swollen Doe Run Stream in Chester County, Pennsylvania. None of them had cell service to call for help.

Just then, a West Marlborough Township worker in a backhoe happened upon the scene.

“Is there a way to get to these people? We don’t know what’s going on,” DiGregorio said. “It was like a miracle.”

The four bystanders jumped in the backhoe’s bucket, and the group headed into the floodwaters. They located the car and a panicked father, holding a young child. Three other children were in the car.

“This was one of the scariest moments of my life,” DiGregorio said.

The father handed off the youngest child to the rescuers, while two other children made it to the roof of the car. A fourth child slipped into the water, and the rescuers formed a human chain to pull him into the bucket.

"I can still see the fear of this kid looking at me," DiGregorio said.

The two children on the roof were passed off to safety, and the father also made it on board the backhoe.

The group of Good Samaritans ushered all five family members to safety.

“I hope one day I get to remeet that family and make sure they are OK,” DiGregorio said. “We were five random people who saw a car get swept away.”

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