SEC outlines strict COVID-19 rules including multiple tests a week

UAB expert on new SEC guidelines

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The SEC released a 12-page document outlining the COVID-19 protocol for athletes this fall, which includes stringent testing.

14 experts worked together to produce the document that separates sports into risk levels, and football is considered high risk.

Before college athletes take to the gridiron this fall, they will have experienced the COVID-19 test with the deep swab once during practice weeks and twice during competition weeks. Coaches and staff will be tested too.

Anyone who tests positive will quarantine and those who have been within six feet of them for more than 15 minutes will quarantine as well.

Travel staffs will be very limited, and everyone on the sidelines must wear masks or gaiters at all times.

Dr. Michael Saag has been giving insight on college athletics nationally.

“The nature of the sport, people getting in each other’s grill, huffing and puffing, it’s going to be expected that it’s going to spread, the question at that point is to how many people, especially at the line of scrimmage and at pileups and that type of thing.

Tests will be administered Wednesdays and Sundays with a third test recommended at the end of the week.

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