Two UA on-campus apartments will house COVID positive students

Two UA on-campus apartments will house COVID positive students
Bryce Lawn Apartments at the University of Alabama Thursday. (Source: WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Trustees for the University of Alabama system agreed to spend more than a million dollars to rent space at an off-campus apartment complex in Tuscaloosa, so two on-campus apartment complexes could be used to house students who test positive for COVID-19.

The University of Alabama will rent 252 rooms for 12 months at a cost of $1.2 million a year at The Lofts of City Center off campus. The move frees up space at Bryce Lawn Apartments and the Highlands, two long standing on-campus apartments at UA.

“This plus some other empty spaces we have on campus will give us around 450 beds on campus to isolate on campus residents, students who test positive for COVID,” according to Matthew Fajack, Vice President of Finance and Operations at the University of Alabama.

Jeff Rubenstein told WBRC he and his wife wouldn’t have allowed their daughter Brooke to come to Alabama this fall if they didn’t feel she’d be safe.

“I’m confident that they’re going to do the right thing here and they seem organized with the programs that they have, all the COVID measures that they took,” he said.

Rubenstein’s say they appreciates school leaders putting this much thought into planning.

“We’ve got adapt. They’re doing as much as they can to make it as safe as possible. But they’re also being realistic that it could happen. I think most parents who know that and if we didn’t feel comfortable we wouldn’t be bringing them here,” Heather Rubenstein explained.

The University’s lease with the Lofts could be renewed for up to four years.

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