Local daycare offers help for students learning virtually

Daycares and remote learning

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A local daycare is offering a new service for students because of the pandemic.

Grace Community School and Daycare in Pelham is making sure students have somewhere to go while they learn remotely. It’s for students who rotate in person and online learning.

The new service will let kids bring their virtual school work with them. From six thirty in the morning to six at night, parents can drop off their students. It’s for kindergarten through sixth grade. They daycare will provide internet.

Director Nate Wells said students will wear masks and only 15 kids will be in each room. Wells said more than twenty kids have signed up so far, but they can take around 50.

“This will hopefully give them a good alternative to make sure they are at a safe place,” Wells said. “To work on school while they need to do that, while they are not in their regular school.”

The program is set to start on August 17th. Wells said they plan to offer it as long as schools are virtual.

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