UAB, JSU football begin fall practice

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 5:46 PM CDT
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(WBRC) - Fall camp is officially here for UAB and Jacksonville State. On Wednesday, the Blazers and Gamecocks hit the field for the first time since spring practice, which was cut short due to COVID-19.

As soon as UAB hit the field Wednesday morning, Head Coach Bill Clark says he could tell a difference in his team.

“I think our energy level was really good and I think our excitement. I’d have guys come up and say ‘I love football and man, did I miss this,‘” Clark said.

With COVID-19 the face of NCAA football this season, UAB says safety remains it’s top priority. The media wasn’t allowed at practice Wednesday due to safety for the players, and interviews were conducted via Zoom. Although the players are adjusting to the new protocols on and off the field, they still feel safe.

“We’re here every day and we’re going through everything we need to do to stay safe, we’re keeping our distance, we’re wearing our masks on, so I feel like I feel like our plan we have right now in our conference, I’m confident in it,” said UAB cornerback Brontae Harris.

Although walk-on running back DaQuon Godfrey announced Tuesday he’s opting out of this season due to COVID-19, his teammates respect his decision and are confident in UAB’s plan to keep them safe.

“Yes, I feel comfortable and everything here is top notch, I’m not concerned as far as my health because they have taken every precaution,” said UAB running back Spencer Brown.

Down the road at JSU, the Gamecocks also started fall camp on Wednesday, a practice Head Coach John Grass had circled on his calendar for months.

“Guys are running around the field I think just relieved to be on the field. I think everybody is just like ‘whew, we made it to fall camp,‘” Grass said.

UAB and JSU are both scheduled to kickoff the season on Sept. 3 with the Blazers taking on New Mexico State at home and the Gamecocks hitting the road at Florida International.

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