Schools stockpile supplies to prepare for upcoming school year

Bessemer City Schools' search for cleaning supplies

BESSEMER, Ala. (WBRC) - Are schools fully stocked with cleaning and disinfecting products for the upcoming school year?

The superintendent of Bessemer City Schools said they are ready, and while the district plans to start school remotely, school leaders are planning ahead for when students, teachers and staff make a traditional return.

Kleenex, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap. You can typically find those items on your child’s classroom supply list. But with many stores out of stock, finding some of those items is tough.

“We’re putting in place a system where all of our schools are provided the proper PPE from us, and in areas or avenues where parents would like to donate it, they’re still welcome to donate it,” said Bessemer City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Autumm Jeter.

You’ll have better luck finding hand sanitizer at your local grocery store, but Clorox recently announce its disinfecting wipes won’t be fully stocked until next year.

That’s why the Bessemer City School District is getting creative.

“We’re going to recommend to our teachers internally, just do simple measures of basic wipes that you can pour alcohol in and because that’s all a wipe is it’s got that alcohol that kills the germs. So, things of that nature,” Dr. Jeter said.

The district still has cleaning supplies left over from last year when schools dismissed in early March.

Dr. Jeter said the district will purchase more supplies from larger distributors.

“They do have some products on hand. So, yes…we may not be able to find your traditional Lysol or Clorox spray, but there are other resources out there that the companies do have for the larger entities like schools and we’re purchasing those items,” Dr. Jeter explained.

In addition to those cleaning supplies, the district will also provide school supplies for students like pens, pencils and paper.

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