JCSO: Flock cameras in Center Point helping reduce crime

JCSO: Flock cameras in Center Point helping reduce crime
Center Point Flock cameras helping reduce crime. (Source: Raycom images)

CENTER POINT, Ala. (WBRC) - Over the past few months, the city of Center Point has begun adding Flock cameras to their streets, according to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO).

The cameras track tag numbers that travel through the area. They also have the capability to notify when a stolen vehicle is in the area, if a registered owner of a vehicle has an outstanding warrant, if a vehicle that has been used in a reported crime is in the area and even if a vehicle has a switched tag. This technology should also prove to be helpful in Amber Alerts and missing seniors, police say.

JCSO says the devices are very helpful in deterring crime and tracking down suspects, and the new cameras proved their value almost immediately.

On Aug. 2, JCSO recovered two stolen vehicles through the use of the cameras. Around noon, police say a deputy was patrolling near 20th Avenue NE, when he was alerted of a stolen Chevrolet Colorado by the technology. He stopped the vehicle and was able to make a recovery. Approximately two hours later, the same deputy recognized a vehicle, which he had been earlier advised by the new cameras, was stolen. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused to stop. Fredric Johnson led deputies on a chase that ended with him driving the stolen Lincoln Navigator into a residence on Tupelo Road in Center Point.

JCSO says Center Point Mayor Tom Henderson is excited with the results that the cameras have produced in such a short period of time, and hopes that the cameras will prove even more beneficial as time passes.

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