Health COVID-19 concerns for multi-generational families

Multi-generational families and COVID-19

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some families are having to take extra steps to protect their loved ones from COVID-19. It’s especially hard for households with family members of different ages.

When you have children, parents and grandparents all living under the same roof, it could be a problem because older people are at risk particularly, those with health issues.

70-year-old Romona Jordan has lived in her home for about nine years off of Division Avenue. She is not alone. “I’m 70. My daughter is 32. The eight and half-year-old and the three-year-old,” Jordan said.

Jordan has bronchitis. She understands their family has to be careful when it comes to protecting her and the rest of the family from the spread of coronavirus. “We are staying in. We only go out when it’s necessary like going to the doctor. Going to the grocery store,” Jordan said.

An infectious diseases doctor with the Jefferson County Health Department said these families need to take extra steps to protect older family members. “You have to be careful when you have a multi-generational house. We know people over the age of 65, persons with medical conditions like diabetes, are at a much higher rate of hospitalizations with COVID-19,” Dr. Wesley Willeford said.

Willeford said family members need to restrict going out, avoid large crowds and wear masks. He said Jordan needs to stay home as much as possible.

Jordan said she understands the risk. “Right now everything is good. You can’t be too cautious. I’m going to be cautious enough and patient,” Jordan said.

So far every member of her family has been tested and they have tested negative so far.

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