Counselor recommends 3 things for parents to do for young students

Virtual learning and your child's mental health

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The fall semester is going to be tough for everyone involved, but there are things you can do to create positive experiences.

“The biggest challenge with kids doing virtual school is going to be the little ones,” said Lauren Roberts, a licensed counselor.

Roberts says there are important activities to schedule to help younger students succeed.

“Increase art, increase playdates, increase games,” Roberts lists as examples of positive activities.

Playdates can be virtual and an activity that works well virtually is charades.

Roberts uses art as a tool when counseling children, and says it can be a healthy emotional outlet.

She adds that some may not realize younger children are experiencing anxiety and fear.

“Kids are feeling a lot of these same emotions,” she said.

Keeping a routine can help ease anxiety and help children adjust. And there’s no reason routines have to be all work and no fun.

"Even having meal days, taco Tuesday, something that you can do to increase that structure and routine throughout the day."

She advises parents and teachers to stop a couple times a week and ask kids how they’re feeling.

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