Tuscaloosa fitness center owner says everyone has a hand in cleaning

Keeping gym safe & clean for customers

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa’s GFG Fitness was closed for months along with other non-essential businesses because of coronavirus earlier in 2020.

Phillip Kinard, the owner, said the staff has emphasized keeping things clean and so have customers.

“Since we reopened, my grandson works Monday through Friday and that’s all he does is go around cleaning,” he explained.

From his grandson to even the patrons, Kinard, said everyone wants to play a role in keeping people safe from coronavirus.

“Everybody is very cooperative, even with the changes we’ve instituted. They come in, they know they’re going to clean down the equipment after use,” Kinard continued.

Before the pandemic started, a cleaning company came in once a week for major cleaning and management would clean in between. Now they have added stations with sanitizing stations sprays and wipes for folks to use before and after they finish working out.

Newcomers like Rufus Clemons and his wife have taken notice.

“Well I think everywhere you look its clean. You see them come and clean things us. I feel comfortable here,” Clemons said

Kinard says masks are not required for people to wear while working out, but his staff will be wear face coverings whether cleaning or working with the clients.

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