Fayette Medical Center recognized on 2020 best hospital list

Fayette Medical Center Recognized

FAYETTE, Ala. (WBRC) - Newsweek magazine has recognized one West Alabama medical facility as one of the top hospitals in the nation this year.

Fayette Medical Center stood out by going above and beyond to make sure patients are not only well taken care of, but their families got to see that up close and personal, despite the pandemic.

They created a new six foot wide, four feet deep and eight foot tall plexiglas booth located at their long-term care facility, which is attached to the hospital.

A box included in the design holds sanitation supplies that are used between visits. Officials said the new booth helps provide more of a connection, as residents can see their loved ones full body and hear them more clearly.

Fayette Medical Center was recognized nationally for their patient experience, among other factors, that helped them make best hospitals in the U.S. list for this year.

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