Chilton County Schools buys more than 4,000 laptops for online learning

Chilton Co. prepares for online learning

CHILTON Co., Ala. (WBRC) - More than 20% of the Students in Chilton County Schools are opting for online learning starting in September.

Although in person instruction is an option, Superintendent, Jason Griffin, said he wants to be ready for everyone to go remote.

“We want to be prepared,” Griffin said.

Griffin said the 4,060 chromebooks will be enough for every student in Middle and High schools.

“That is enough to provide a chromebook, one to one, for every 7-12th grader through our district,” Griffin said.

The computers cost more than $1 million dollars, paid for by the CARES ACT

“That ‘s a lot of funding for a local school district,” Griffin said.

The district already had chromebooks available, but now those devices will go to younger grade levels. Griffin said the district is also applying for more money to purchase more than 1,500 chrome books for every student in the younger levels.

“Whether they are at the school or if they are at home, will be given a chrome book, a device, so that we will be doing online instruction even at the school,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he wants to be prepared in case they have to close schools again.

“Our goal is that every student is prepared for online instruction, even if they are at the schools, because you never know when we may have to shut the schools down, or a grade or a classroom,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he doesn’t know when the chromebooks will be delivered, because demand is so high.

Griffin said he hopes to have them within the next month.

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