Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe hopeful UA graduation means business in town increase

UA graduation impact on Tuscaloosa businesses

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Graduation ceremonies at the University of Alabama are being held several months later than normally because of coronavirus. It’s also bringing more people to Tuscaloosa at a time when businesses are glad to see them.

Families celebrating graduation was a welcome sight for business owners like Sarah Morrison. She owns the Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe. Friday morning, she and her staff made bouquets for graduates. They also made the flower arrangement on the stage for the graduation ceremonies. It included more than 1,200 long stem flowers.

COVID-19 hurt the Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe when it and other business were forced to close. But Morrison felt things are starting to turn around thanks to the graduation ceremonies.

“Honestly to me it’s kind of like a symbol of hope. Everything is just kind of getting a little closer to back to normal and that things are kind of going to be OK,” Morrison said.

She also lost some employees after University students who worked for her stayed home when in person classes were canceled in March.

Morrison says she is now prepared to hire more employees.

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