Tips for getting your kids to wear masks

Getting kids used to wearing masks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Getting your child to wear a mask may be easier said than done.

Cecilia Pearson with Babypalooza offers up the following tips that might help you with the task.

1.     Explain to your kids that masks help keep germs from spreading.

2.     Practice wearing a mask at home to help them get used to it.

3.     Pretend to be a superhero, doctor, or vet while wearing masks during play.

4.     Practice putting on masks on stuffed animals or dolls.

5.     Let them see you wearing a mask.

6.     Let them pick out or decorate their own mask.

7.     Show them pictures of other children wearing masks.

Other things to remember:

• No masks for children under 2.

• Current statewide mandate doesn't apply to children 6 and under. Still suggested for them to wear in places where social distancing is difficult.

• Make sure mask is appropriate size to cover their mouth and nose.

For all these tips and more resources, you can visit Pearson’s website at

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