Parents concerned about school changes

Vestavia Hills parents voice concerns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Parents are getting more time to adjust to major changes in their children’s education. Vestavia Hills and Mountain Brook schools have changed their start dates and went to a new education format.

COVID-19 has not made life easy for many people - especially parents who have to cope with their jobs, but will now also have a bigger influence on their children’s education.

The Vestavia Hills Board of Education voted Friday to push back their start date to August 20. This will give the schools and parents more time to make adjustments in their lives.

Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills will start at the same time and both will go to an alternative schedule where half of their middle and high school students in 6th grade through 12th grade will go to school on one day and the other students will stay at home for remote learning. This will cut down on the number of students in a building and help with social distancing.

Vestavia Hills High School Principal Tyler Burgess will oversee remote learning for students staying at home on alternate days. Some parents say this will put more pressure on them to be sure their child is doing the work.

“Business owners, small business owners, my wife and I were so busy dealing with the impact of the shutdown on our business. We were not able to say ‘are you doing your homework? Are you getting on your Zoom calls?’ because we were working 15 hours a day trying to keep our business alive. That’s the difficulty with a lot of parents dealing with your own issues, it’s hard to make sure your kid is doing what they are supposed to do,” said Jeff Tenner.

Stabilization is key for the Tenner family and news the popular principal has been moved out to take over a big job like remote learning has them concerned. A number of Vestavia students were upset to learn the loss of Burgess. This upheaval makes them and some parents even more nervous about the upcoming school year.

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