Extra unemployment benefits to end Friday

Unemployment concerns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Without a deal from Congress extra benefits for people unemployed due to the coronavirus will end. The decision will not be good news for a McCalla Woman because for her it meant an extra $600 in the family budget.

Vontresa Riles will be watching very closely what happens next if there is any sort of deal between the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.

It has not been easy for those who are unemployed. WBRC Fox6 News reported numerous cases of how difficult it has been for some to even collect unemployment in Alabama because of the huge demand. They were unable to confirm their eligibility for the extra $600 on top of their $275 dollars.

Riles lost her job in retail a three months ago as a cashier. A minimum wage job. She has a family of four. The money help pay for various things the family needed. Prospects that money will be cut off is forcing her to look at trimming their expenses even more.

“We are going to keep praying. Try to save a little bit. Just try to maintain for now that’s all we can do. Hope they renew it or do something,” Riles said.

Riles said she was scared to go back to work at her old place because they had no masks to protect them. Meanwhile talks are continuing in Washington DC. Congress is expected to adjourn for a summer break in a few weeks, putting even more pressure on them to cut a deal.

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