Deep cleaning services see spike in business as more people head back into the office

Professional cleaning services amid pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Oncort Professional Services said they are busier than ever cleaning offices across the state.

Owner, Jermone Morgan Jr., said business owners have to do more than an one time clean.

Morgan said Oncort has a two- step cleaning process when they clean for COVID-19. Crews wipe down common touch areas with Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant. Next, they spray a mister over the entire building that kills germs in hard to reach areas. The mist comes from a fogger that can kill those germs within 30 seconds. Owner, Jermone Morgan Jr., said frequent cleaning is key to keeping COVID out of the office.

“The main focus should be on going cleaning and sanitizing,” Morgan said. “We all know people will go to the doctor and they will get tested for COVID one day and then the next day or next week, they will have it. So, you have to have a specific and legitimate regime of cleaning and sanitizing and disinfecting on a regular continuous basis during the pandemic.”

Morgan said that maintaining cleaning is crucial during the pandemic, especially inside hard to reach places without a wipe.

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