State health, education leaders to soon roll out tool kit for how schools can safely reopen

Cleaning schools before students return

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - The State Health Officer announced Wednesday that the state will roll out a toolkit this week and webinar for superintendents and principals on making sure school campuses are clean and safe. We spoke with a local superintendent about her expectations.

Bessemer City Schools have been doing the best they can to keep their school buildings clean during the pandemic.

“Since we’ve been in school over the summer, our employees who are there, where we have received positive cases, we have company that comes in and deep cleans in the locations where those individuals have been,” Superintendent Dr. Autumm Jeter said.

The school system is going virtual for at least the first four weeks. After that deep cleaning will take place again before students and teachers return. Wednesday, State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris says the health department and AL Department of Education will release a tool kit soon on how schools can safely reopen. We asked Superintendent Jeter what she would like to see in it.

“I really want that tool kit to offer us concrete guidance on do’s and don’ts; what we should have in place and should have done prior to employees and students returning. I also want to offer us guidance going into the year as we intervene or merge intro traditional setting what are some things that we should be looking for to make sure we have in in place,” Jeter said.

Jeter is also planning on getting a deep cleaning company to offer guidance to her everyday custodians so that they know the best ways to make sure schools are safe for everyone.

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