Shelby County Schools extend deadline to choose virtual versus in-person learning

Shelby County giving more time to decide

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Shelby County Schools original deadline for parents to decide which schooling option they preferred for their child was this week, but they decided to give parents more time to decide.

Shelby County Schools will have students back in physical classrooms 5 days a week beginning August 13th, about two weeks away.

Parents of elementary-aged students who opt into virtual learning are now getting a clearer picture of what that will look like.

Teachers will meet with students through their computers during the school day, whereas older students are expected to complete activities more independently.

We checked in to see which way most parents are leaning so far.

“As of today, we have about 22% of students signed up to do the remote option, we anticipate there may be a few more undecided, so we are going to leave our link up longer,” said Cindy Warner, Shelby County Schools Spokesperson.

The school district released a sample schedule of what a virtual school day would look like for an elementary aged student on their Facebook page.

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