Should teachers collect hazard pay?

Should teachers get hazard pay?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Many have heard about the possibility of essential workers getting hazard pay, and many more are now pushing for that compensation to be extended to teachers.

All of this stems from comments made by Jefferson County Board of Education President, Ronnie Dixon, who said teachers should be compensated with hazard pay.

However, it is important to note that Dixon did not unveil a concrete plan for this -- it was just a comment.

As it stands right now, there is no room in the budget for such compensation, but teachers said they would like to be acknowledged for their hard work during these unprecedented times.

“It would be a token; it would be a nominal,” said Secondary Educator for CenterPoint High School, Dr. Lisa Stewart.

“It would be something that says, ‘Here, we get it. We know that you all are expendable. We know that we don’t want the students, our children at home. We’d rather that they are in the school safely with you. So here is hazard pay because we know that you all are preforming your duties under adverse circumstances for which no one could predict,’” Stewart said.

“These are extraordinary circumstances that we’re asking teachers to perform in, and I do feel like they should be compensated in some way,” said Uniserv Director for District 28 at the Alabama Education Association.

“Though you cannot put a price on their life, or their health, or the lives of their family, or community members. Just the very thought that you would compensate them for going above and beyond in this manner that we’re asking, that to, would be great,” Binion said.

Teachers said they were surprised by Dixon’s comments, but were happy someone even considered this for teachers.

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