No charges filed in Tuscaloosa terroristic threat investigation

Tuscaloosa teen makes social media threat

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa officials said they took a threatening social media post seriously, but when they looked at what was said and where it was involved, it was not something where someone could be charged with making a terroristic threat.

WBRC was given a screenshot of a social media post that began circulating around Tuscaloosa late last week.

No charges filed in terroristic threat investigation
No charges filed in terroristic threat investigation (Source: WBRC)

Police say the person who originally posted it threatened to shoot people Saturday at Shindig, a family entertainment center that opened earlier this year in Tuscaloosa.

Darryl McKinstry, a retired Tuscaloosa police officer who is a now a case worker for community corrections, said he was concerned about what he read.

“My concern was that it went through the process of law enforcement being involved, doing their job, but there wasn’t any result from juvenile court,” McKinstry explained.

He alerted us to the post because it came at a time where as many as half a dozen shootings involving teens as victims and or suspects have happened in Tuscaloosa in the past few weeks.

We’re told the person who posted this is a juvenile. The threat was made against a business, not a school, church, or government activity.

Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Hay Webb said another criteria had to be met for someone to be charged with a crime.

“Although there was a threat conveyed, the law also requires an evacuation of some sort and to my knowledge, there was no evacuation, it was not a violation of the terroristic threat law,” said Webb.

We did not identify the person who wrote the post because of their age and because they were not charged with a crime.

Shindig increased security as a result of the social media post. Tuscaloosa Police increased patrols in that area as well. They didn’t report any problems there.

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