Black armed militia says its only concern is justice for Breonna Taylor and comes in peace to Louisville

There are calls across the city -- and the country -- for the three officers involved in the...
There are calls across the city -- and the country -- for the three officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting death to be fired and charged.
Published: Jul. 25, 2020 at 6:07 PM CDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Not F***** Around Coalition is making its way to Louisville on Saturday.

Its leader said it’s a militia exercising its constitutional right to assemble and bear arms. It expects 5,000 of its members to participate.

Grand Master Jay, also known as John Fitzgerald Johnson, is the leader of the group and said the NFAC’s only concern is the movement for justice in the Breonna Taylor case. Taylor was shot dead by LMPD officers serving a warrant at her home back in March.

Jay said its members are coming to Louisville in peace and have no intention of creating or adding more chaos to what the city already has seen. He said the NFAC is an organized group, not a mob. He said at times the group feels its appearance is necessary to spread a particular message. In this instance, it’s showing its concern about justice for Taylor and other victims of officer brutality, as well as police reform.

”The NAFC has been misrepresented by many on social media and so forth, and we’re here to end those theories,” Jay said. “We’re not here to cause chaos. There have been rumors we’re coming to hunt people down. Again we are simply exercising our constitutional rights to assemble and bear arms.”

Jay said he’s not concerned with counter-protesters, and added that Saturday’s event is neither a protest nor a demonstration. He said its schedule has been coordinated with LMPD to make sure it is a safe and peaceful display in Louisville. The event’s location has been determined, but the group said it won’t make it public until later this week to prevent counter-protesters from causing problems.

In addition to its conversations with LMPD, the group said it has talked with the attorney general, the mayor’s office, and local activists. It said conversations on all levels were positive, and the group received nothing but support for its assembly. Jay said the NFAC will start its display around noon Saturday.

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