Trussville City Schools using desk shields to help protect students and teachers

Trussville schools to install desk shields

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Trussville City Schools bought more than 800 desk shields to help keep students from spreading germs.

“For every student at a table, we will have a table shield or a desk shield that they can pull in front of them,” Superintendent Dr. Pattie Neill said. “It will create a barrier from the student and the teacher or two students together.”

The shields will be spread throughout classrooms in the district’s 5 schools. They’re for tables that seat multiple students at once. After a parent survey conducted by the district, 80% of students have signed up to return to in person school in August.

“The reason we are doing that is because they will be within 6 ft of each other,” Dr. Neill said. “We have spent a total of about 74 thousand dollars on our masks, our hand sanitizers, our face shields, and our desk shields.”

Dr. Neill said the desk shields alone were around 40 thousand dollars.

“We are hoping for reimbursement,” Dr. Neill said. “There are a couple of pots of money that just came from the Governor’s office and then there is some Jefferson county money.”

The district is not requiring students to wear face masks, but Neill said it is highly encouraged. They are also providing teachers with face shields, so students can still see their facial expressions.

Dr. Neill says the district also plans to incorporate hand washing breaks into the students daily routines.

“I think this will change the culture of teaching,” Dr. Neill said. “I think we will use this after coronavirus.”

20% of Trussville City School students opted to continue their online learning program. Dr. Neill said the district will evaluate it’s plan daily as the pandemic continues.

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