Mom of 8th grader supports BCS’s plan to start school remotely

Parents react to BCS online decision

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Remote learning is the model Birmingham City Schools will use this fall, but how are parents reacting to the decision?

Lachelle Adams said she fully supports this decision because she just didn’t feel safe sending her boys back to school the traditional way. And while she still has plenty of concerns about the upcoming school year, she’s confident in the district’s plan.

Adams has a 16-year-old who attends JCBI, and a rising eighth grader at Phillips Academy, but she said sending her sons back to traditional school was never an option.

“I felt like, for our district, they are still doing remote meetings, and that’s for a group of nine to 20 administrators and leaders from Birmingham City. Now, if they continue to do Zoom meetings and at home sessions for their small group, how is it that you would allow, say for Phillips, 650 students to show up in a school building when you as administrator and leaders aren’t showing up to do traditional in-person meetings?” Adams said.

The growing number of COVID-19 cases also influenced her decision to keep the kids at home.

And while she likes the idea of remote learning, her social butterfly of a son does not.

“He wants to be at school. He says, ‘Mom, if I go to school, I will wear my mask all the time, I will keep my hand sanitizer. And so, he says he’ll do all those things…but for how long? Friends take off their masks, and you feel restricted in yours, you’ll push to take off your mask,” Adams said.

And while the burning question of how school will start has been answered, more questions linger.

“How are you going to introduce it to parents? What level of training have the teachers received? And will you be offering virtual sessions for…virtual orientation sessions for the kids as well as the parents to interact with the teachers? What are we going to do going forward to ensure that our kids receive a quality education via remote or virtual learning?” Adams asked.

Adams’ 8th grade son has been attending virtual summer school, so she said her family is ready for the upcoming school year, but she advises parents to establish routines early, and rely on their village to stay informed and keep things running smoothly.

School starts August 24th.

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