Midfield students to receive devices, laptops when virtual school starts in August

Midfield schools starting online

MIDFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - The first nine weeks of school in Midfield will take place online. All students in grades k-12 will receive their instruction through online platforms.

The district believes this is the best way to keep students and staff healthy during the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

“It was just so many factors we just thought that it would be better for us to begin the year off virtually,” Midfield Superintendent Dr. Shun Williams said.

Through a grant, the superintendent says the district is providing personal hotspots for all students. They’re also providing devices for elementary students and laptops for middle and high school students and staff thanks to money from the CARES Act and the state. Dr. Williams says school buses outfitted with WIFI capability could also be used for students.

The district will use multiple virtual learning platforms that will vary according to grade levels and the programs will target specific academic and developmental points.

Dr. Williams realizes learning will be a lot different this year. He’s asking for everyone’s patience.

“We just need it to be a collaborative process where everyone involved is hands on and we’re going to make it do what it needs to do,” Williams said.

We’re told teachers are going through weekly comprehensive training right now to meet the needs of students and teachers. The district is also providing training for parents as. Schools are scheduled to start August 25.

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