Hundreds of new logistics jobs head to the ‘Magic City’

500 logistics jobs coming to B'ham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Hundreds of people will be getting back to work, thanks to two major projects heading to Birmingham.

More than 500 new logistics jobs are coming to the Magic City, after the Birmingham City Council approved those two projects.

FedEx is behind one of these projects, but the city is still being tight-lipped about the second one.

A pandemic isn’t standing in the way of Birmingham’s progress.

By this time next year, more than 500 hundred new logistics jobs will be created, ensuring you get your packages sooner.

“About 295 jobs on the Birmingham-Bessemer line, said Birmingham’s Director of Economic Development, Josh Carpenter.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for people, especially in West Birmingham to get jobs at a last-mile logistics facility,” Carpenter said.

The city has been keeping the deal known as “Project Fish” under wraps for some time, but on Tuesday morning, the city revealed it is working with FedEx.

The company believes Birmingham is the magic city for its new distribution facility, praising its four major highways, three class-one rail lines and its water port.

“Obviously, we want to see people take advantage of those jobs, but it’s important for all the families of workers at home who have lost work, it’s about 85,000 people in Jefferson County alone, which is roughly 17% of our workforce. This is a new opportunity for them to plug in and to do valuable work,” Carpenter explained.

Last week, the City of Birmingham cleared the final hurdle to redevelop a vacant lot where the Century Plaza once stood, breathing new life into area.

“Those of us who grew up in Birmingham several years ago remember it as a mall now it will be a modern retail center. Not disclosing the name of the company, but again it is a last-mile delivery service that will create 300 jobs. So, between the two, 500 new jobs here in Birmingham which is an exciting opportunity in both East and West Birmingham,” Carpenter said.

Rumors have been swirling that Amazon will take up residency at the old Century Plaza lot.

Carpenter said he has signed a non-disclosure agreement, so can’t talk about it.

However, he did say there is plenty of “thoughtful” speculation.

The city wants to have the FedEx facility up and running by this time next year, so we should start seeing job postings by December or early January.

All of that information will be made available on the city’s website.

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