COVID-19 numbers continue to go in the wrong direction

COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Ala.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Numbers are continuing to go in the wrong direction for Alabama when combating COVID-19.

Monday , hospitalization has hit an all time high in the state of Alabama, approaching at 1,500 as it further strain healthcare services.

The number of confirmed cases are going up and hospital services are being pushed. Until a vaccine is made, public health officials said people will have to take this disease seriously - cover up and socially distance.

As the cases in Alabama continue to move upwards there are no signs of the virus slowing down in most areas of Alabama.

“I think we are concerned about what we are seeing. A third of all positive cases we are seeing has occurred in the last two weeks,” Dr. Scott Harris, Alabama State Health Officer said.

Harris said a new all time high in hospitalizations are being felt in key areas of Alabama. That includes, Jefferson, Madison, and Montgomery counties.

“I think our hospitals are feeling the strain. It depends on where you are in the state as to how much of strain is being seen in your hospital, but clearly we can’t continue to go down this path much longer,” Harris said.

He mention the recent jump in numbers is due to the July 4 holiday weekend, but unfortunately the state has not seen any decreases in those numbers as of yet.

“We will see them over the next two weeks as well. Now we are two weeks from the holiday this is about the time people would start becoming to attention to medical attention,” Harris said.

He said the only way to combat the increasing numbers remains: face coverings, social distancing, and staying home when you are sick, and continue to ask about closure.

Harris may not have answers, but he says there would not be any closure orders if people would just cooperate with the health orders they have now.

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