Ms. Gladys turns 104 years young

Ms. Gladys is 104-years-young
Ms. Gladys is 104-years-young(Source: WAFF)
Updated: Jul. 18, 2020 at 11:17 PM CDT
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MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - With pictures of her family from generations displayed in her living room, Gladys Pack is the oldest generation that holds her family together, 104 years.

“I don’t feel any different myself, not yet I might later,” said Gladys Pack.

Born and raised in North Alabama, she spent most of her days on a farm.

“We were on the farm picking cotton and wondering who was going to be next to be called up,” said Pack.

She’s talking about her brother being called to fight in World War II. This is just one of the many major moments in history she has lived through.

She also knows what it’s like growing up without cars.

“We rode the wagons to church and to town and pulled our mules,” said Pack.

Ms. Gladys has also never driven a car.

“My husband sometimes would be driving down the road and he’d stop and say let me put you over here and you drive and I said no. no sir I will not drive,” said Pack.

As she went down memory lane, she says the dearest thing to her is her family.

“What am I most proud of? Well, I have to say, my family,” said Pack.

And with her family by her side, she celebrated her 104th birthday.

But I didn’t leave without one token of advice.

“Just to live and be good is all I can say,” said Pack.

And today she lived.

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