Tuscaloosa County Schools release reopening plan

Tuscaloosa reopening plan

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - In two weeks, Tuscaloosa County parents will have to decide what their kid’s school year is going to look like.

The Tuscaloosa County School System released its reopening plans Thursday. Essentially, there are two options: on-campus learning and off-campus learning.

But those two options come with even more choices as this pandemic continues.

The on-campus learning option would look like traditional school with the normal number of school days per week during normal hours. Teachers will incorporate digital resources to ensure students can move to a remote learning option if that becomes a necessity. Students could also be grouped into A and B schedules to limit the number of kids in a building.

The second option is off-campus learning, which has two choices. One choice is “virtual learning” called ACCESS, which is only an option for 9-12 graders. ACCESS has been in place for several years. The other choice is “remote learning” on a platform called SchoolsPLP. The “remote learning” is available to all ages, with regular school hours, and with lessons that will be graded.

If students choose the "remote learning" choice, they can decide to go back to on-campus every nine weeks.

“If they want to transition back to the on-campus learning at the nine weeks, then that would be a good starting point. But they should be paced along with what’s going on in their classrooms on campus so they should be able to come in and transition pretty seamlessly,” said TCCS Superintendent Dr. Keri Johnson.

Dr. Johnson said about 70% of the student body wants to return to on-campus learning, and 97% of faculty plans to come back.

To read more about the reopening plan, click here.

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