Jefferson County inspectors enforcing health order

JCDH enforcing mask order

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Health Department wants businesses to comply with the safer at home order. That means wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance for their customers. The Jefferson County Health Department has 60-70 inspectors which sounds like a lot, but with so many businesses reopening throughout the county they are trying to keep up with inspections. Failure to comply could lead to a business being shut down.

If there is a complaint, the Jefferson County food inspectors will target a business to see if they are violating the order. So what are the finding? “One thing that is always a challenge is the entrance way. Making sure you keep your patrons socially distanced.” Jonathan Stanton, Environmental Health Director said.

Stanton said for the most part businesses comply. They also check patrons to make sure they are wearing face masks the right time. “If we get somebody who continuously puts someone at risk, we would have to [talk] with them and attempt to alleviate that concern,” Stanton said.

There are late night inspections for compliance. If a business refuses to make improvements it could be shutdown.

“We have to do everything we can to keep from going to where we have to shut down businesses. Really don’t want to do that. I know the governor doesn’t want to do that,” Wilson said.

Stanton said the health department prides itself on working with businesses. Dr. Wilson said if everyone does what they are supposed to do they can stop the spread of the disease.

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