Homewood City Schools’ reopening plan released

Schools will start August 19

Homewood City Schools’ reopening plan released
(Source: WBRC)

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - Homewood City Schools released the TEAM Homewood plan to reopen schools Friday.

Schools will reopen Wednesday, August 19.

School leaders said part of the plan will include students and staff wearing masks or face coverings when they can’t social distance.

As far as COVID-19 cases go, if a student or staff member tests positive or lives in a household with someone who tests positive, they will be sent home to quarantine for 14 days.

Parents and caregivers will be given the option for in-person instruction or remote learning. Parents are asked to select your child’s preferred learning option by Friday, July 24 so that schools can finalize class rosters and schedules for students in traditional and virtual classrooms. You can click on this link to register: HCS Back to School Form: Preferred Learning Option

There are four levels in the TEAM Homewood Operation including Typical, Enhanced, Advanced and Maximized.

What is the plan for sanitizing and disinfecting at the schools?

HCS has and will continue to secure additional supplies and equipment needed to deep clean and disinfect all spaces within the schools. Custodians will continue to receive training on best practices for maintaining a clean and sanitized environment. Frequently touched surfaces, water filling stations, and restrooms will be sanitized throughout the day. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers will be accessible throughout the buildings, and water fountains will be turned off.

Here is the plan:

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