Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue responds to heat related illness calls

Tuscaloosa firefighters battle the heat

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The EMS Chief for Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Service said they expect to get a surge when the heat index is as high as it’s been recently and people aren’t prepared for it.

A hot summer’s day with a high heat index is almost like a warning signal to Chris Holloway.

“About this time, it’s kind of a reminder we need to get the message out to people about being safe outside and just watching the heat,” Holloway said.

Between mid-July and mid-August, safety first for the EMS Chief for Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Service will include drinking plenty of water.

“I know yesterday, the forecast for today was I think 93, But it felt like it was 104,” Holloway added.

That’s why he believes you should pay attention to the heat index and plan accordingly. He said firefighters already have gone on several heat related calls since last week.

They come prepared to help people overcome by the heat. Fire paramedics carry bottled water, towels that can be soaked in ice water and even provide I-V’s if necessary.

You can avoid heat exhaustion, or worse heat stroke, by drinking enough water before you get overheated.

“Really 5 to 6 of these is not out of the question if you’re going to be outside working or outside in the heat,” Holloway continued.

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