Tutoring centers seeing more students

Tutoring centers busier than ever

MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WBRC) - Mathnasium in Mountain Brook said they’ve seen more students sign up for tutoring since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve seen a trickle of them starting to come back,” manager Tracey Guidry said. “We have more coming back than I originally thought we would.”

The center now has more than 65 kids getting tutored. Guidry said they lost around 30 students at the start of the pandemic, but now they have more kids than before.

Guidry also said students are signing up earlier than normal this year.

“It’s a little bit quicker than it was last year,” Guidry said. “Last year, most kids had started school before parents were like ‘OK we need help’.”

Guidry said she thinks the boost in business is because parents are worried about learning loss in their students.

“Parents are nervous,” Guidry said. “They don’t want their kids to start at a disadvantage.”

Guidry said students can sometimes lose three months of school learning in the summertime, but with coronavirus school closures, students could potentially lose double the amount.

“With a COVID slide, we are looking at a half a year, so we are looking at a six month loss,” Guidry said.

Guidry said the center is gearing up for more students to enroll as school approaches, but tutor Nicolette Partrick said she thinks it won’t be that busy.

“I feel like I am going to be just as busy as I would be when school is normal,” said Patrick.

Patrick said the center is hiring more staff to gear up for the school year. They offer scheduled in person sessions and online tutoring.

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