RMC Anniston and Stringfellow hospitals are going to ‘no visitors’ policy, RMC reaches unit capacity

East Alabama hospitals with 'no visitors' policy

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: As of Monday, July 20, The Regional Medical Center in Anniston COVID-19 units reached capacity at 44, so health care workers are now opening a third unit that will hold 14 or so more.

Starting Thursday, July 16 at 5p.m., Regional Medical Center in Anniston and Stringfellow Hospitals will be reinstating a strict no visitors policy.

The change was made because of an increased number of COVID patient cases in the past two weeks. Hospital leaders said the new policy is being enacted for the safety and protection of healthcare providers, visitors and patients against any further spread of the coronavirus.

These are the specific patient cases related to COVID as provided by RMC:

Stats: Positive cases in Calhoun County over the last day days are up 107% (6/30/2020 = 268 at 7/14/2020 = 554)

RMC positive COVID-19 patient census: (6/30 = 3 at 7/14 = 26).

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