Jefferson County Health Officer welcomes mask order

Jeffco Health Officer on mask order

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County Health Officer Dr. Mark Wilson sent a letter to Governor Ivey asking for a statewide face covering order. He got his wish Wednesday.

Dr. Wilson said he was thrilled to see Governor Ivey come with a statewide face covering order. So far only Jefferson County and a few other parts of the state have ordered face coverings.

Dr. Wilson said COVID-19 won’t be stopped or slowed without a statewide effort.

“We are having trouble statewide. Alabama is in trouble. COVID 19 is spreading widespread through the community through out most of the state,” Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson said the new order will allow businesses to demand their customers cover up before entering their establishments. A lot of pressure will be on those companies to make sure those customers comply.

“Businesses need to post signs on the door to make people aware. I think there is a way to avoid getting into a confrontation with people by making them aware, gently reminding them they should be wearing a face covering,” Wilson said.

The Jefferson County Health Department is being told more people are complying with the face covering order in Jefferson County.

“I’m not naive enough to think everyone will be 100% compliant. If we get a substantial improvement in face coverings I think it will make a difference,” Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson said everyone has to get on board to bring the spread and hospitalizations under control.

He said no one wants another shutdown order of businesses, but if the spread continues that could happen.

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