University of Alabama holds drive thru COVID-19 clinic in Aliceville

Free coronavirus testing

ALICEVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Belinda Craig felt happy seeing so many folks come to the drive-thru COVID-19 testing site hosted by New Wright Baptist Church in Aliceville Tuesday.

The Church needs to be a beacon in the community to provide positive things to people and let people know that God is real. He’s a healer and there’s nothing wrong with getting tested,” Craig told WBRC.

People with the University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences tested people for COVID-19 free of charge.

“The COVID is getting a little bit too high, the numbers. Instead of going down, they’re going up. So I worry. I need to be going back to work soon. So I make sure I don’t get it,” Dagmar Ball explained.

“We just want to sort through this out and keep everybody safe,” Eddie James Tweedie added.

The coronavirus testing helps health officials track the amount of spread happening in communities. And if necessary, they can begin tracing who people testing positive for coronavirus have been around.

“They know people that were affected. Not only affected, but have died, and so it’s really scaring people,” according to Professor Pamela Foster, with the UA College of Community Health Sciences.

The rapid testing happening at the drive-thru allows people to get their test results back in 10 to 15 minutes.

The University of Alabama works with Alabama Power to conduct the screenings at no cost to the people getting tested. These COVID-19 screenings have been in at least five West Alabama counties so far.

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