Decision 2020: Things to know for Tuesday’s primary runoff election

Decision 2020: Things to know for Tuesday’s primary runoff election

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Where is my polling place? Who is on my ballot? Can I vote in the runoff?

See below for the answers to these questions and more:

Where do I vote?

Voters in Alabama can visit the Alabama Secretary of State’s polling place search tool to learn more information on specific polling place.

Can I view my voter registration information?

Yes. Alabama voters may use a similar tool to the one above to view voter registration information. Visit the Alabama Secretary of State’s registrant search tool to view your details.

Who is on my ballot?

If you would like to view a sample ballot for your county, visit our previous story listing every available ballot in Alabama during the primary runoff election.

Am I allowed to vote in the runoff?

Alabama’s cross over voting law is in effect for the primary runoff election. This law prohibits voters from casting a ballot in a Republican primary then a Democratic primary runoff or vice versa. For more information on cross over voting, see our March story leading up to Alabama’s initial primary.

Am I required to wear a mask to the polls?

Both Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and Attorney General Steve Marshall have notified county election officials against requiring the use of masks during the upcoming voting process.

Merrill and Marshall said use of a face mask is strongly recommended, but the AG agreed the use of one can’t be a qualification for whether a person is allowed to cast their ballot. View more from Merrill and Marshall here.

What if I have other questions about the runoff election?

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