Hoover City Schools moves school start date; requires face masks for students

Hoover lays out plan to reopen schools

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) -The Hoover City School system is delaying the start of school and putting out more of its plan to get students either back in the classroom or learning from home.

Board members decided to push the school start date to August 20. Also employees and students from third through 12th grades will be required to wear face masks. The board is highly encouraging them for students from pre-K through second grade.

The district has been reaching out to parents about what they would like to see this fall. Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy says she has received a mixed bag of responses. She says some parents want their kids back in school while others say they are keeping their children home out of coronavirus fears.

Dr. Murphy believes that students should be in the classroom, but she and the board want to make sure things are safe for everyone before they return to school.

“I’m an educator and I can’t wait to start school but again I want to do that safely and so we’re making sure that we’re considering all levels of safety from social distancing to partitions to masks,” Murphy said.

The board also talked about four levels of response when it comes to what kind of learning will take place this fall. Each level depends on what the COVID-19 situation looks like as we get closer to August 20th.

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