JSU Athletics to make decision about football season by early August

Jacksonville State waiting on decision for fall football

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The college football season is up in the air for most conferences as they continue to monitor COVID-19, and Jacksonville State University says it wants to make a decision by early August.

“I know for us, I don’t think we’re quite ready to pull the trigger to make that decision yet. We want to give every opportunity to play those non-conference games so a little later on, we’ll have more data and know where we are,” said JSU Athletics Director Greg Seitz.

Seitz, who’s on the NCAA Football Oversight Committee, says they meet every Thursday to discuss the upcoming season with other FBS and FCS athletic directors and right now, their biggest concern is testing.

“I think for the FOC and all of college football, that’s the thing that has changed over the last couple of weeks is the availability of testing and getting those test results back in a timely manner to make decisions on kids on whether if they have to sit or they can play,” said Seitz.

JSU plans on playing a full schedule this fall, but Seitz knows that could change to conference-only like the Big Ten announced Thursday afternoon.

“We understand why conferences are really looking into that. In the OVC, if we went to a conference-only method, we know every school in our league is doing the exact same thing, but if I play someone outside our conference, I don’t know what they’re testing methods are,” Seitz added.

Jacksonville State University says if they do move to a conference-only schedule, it would be a big hit to their athletic budget especially for FCS schools who rely on the payout from non-conference FBS schools.

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