How will school districts decide which teachers teach in-person or remote?

Teachers on virtual or in person options

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re on your side finding out how school districts will decide which teachers will teach remote and which will teach in-person students.

Jefferson County Schools came out with their initial plans for the next school year Thursday morning.

But a lot of their next moves, like which teachers will be teaching which platform, will rely on input from parents.

On July 27th, Jefferson County Schools will send out a survey to parents to gauge how many students will learn in person, or "traditional," and how many will choose the "remote" option.

Until then, the school system wants to make sure parents are educated on what each option entails so they can make the best decision for their child.

On August 3rd, the school system will need to hear back from parents, so the school will have enough time before the year starts to decide how many teachers they need on certain learning platforms.

"I'm sure there are those who prefer more than others to do one way or the other. But we're going to train all of our teachers regardless on remote learning, just in case we all have to go to that format," said Jefferson County Schools superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin. 

Dr. Gonsoulin also tells me whether teachers teach traditional or remote students, the teachers will be teaching from inside the school building.

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