Grateful Oxford residents give gift cards to first responders

Grateful Oxford residents give gift cards to first responders
Cards for Cops in Oxford (Source: WBRC)

OXFORD, Ala. (WBRC) - What do you get for the first responder who does everything? In Oxford it’s lunch, through a gift card.

John Hamilton kicked off the ‘Cards for Cops’ program on Facebook in June, and Friday he and his wife and a couple of grandchildren presented them to Oxford’s police chief, Bill Partridge, and assistant fire chief, Ben Stewart.

But the gift cards, from Oxford area restaurants like Moe’s, Chicken Salad Chick, Chick-Fil-A and Little Caesar’s, and other places, didn’t just go to the police, they also went to firefighters.

Hamilton posted a Paypal link, but for those who don’t know how to use Paypal, he put a jar in the public library for donations.

He said he and those who donated wanted to show appreciation for officers and firefighters who go above and beyond the call of duty.

”We’ve heard stories... unlocking cars, for people who don’t have the money to call a locksmith, trying to help round pets up, removing critters from the front yard, or a porch, putting cattle back in a fence,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton originally set $1300 as a goal, but reached the amount of $2,120.

Cards for Cops in Oxford
Cards for Cops in Oxford (Source: WBRC)

”I hope you’re hungry,” he told the assembled police and firefighters.

Residents including children and teenagers held up signs that said “Thank you for keeping me safe,” among others.

Hamilton says he doesn’t want to stop in Oxford, he’s challenging people in other cities to buy lunch the same way for their police officers and firefighters. He says all you need is Facebook, and a way to collect money.

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