Law firm donates 500 KN95 masks to Pickens Co. nursing home

500 masks donated to Reform nursing home

PICKENS COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A Birmingham law firm is giving back to a small nursing home in Pickens County in need of personal protective equipment.

Arbor Woods Health and Rehab Center now has a much needed new batch of KN95 masks thanks to the Rice Law Firm.

The Birmingham-based firm dropped off a box of 500 KN95 masks to the small nursing home in Reform on Wednesday. With a personal protective equipment shortage, Arbor Woods staff say this will go a long way to keep their employees and residents safe.

The facility is taking care of the most at-risk population to coronavirus and staff members said they have a big need for the PPE just as much as hospitals, in some cases even more.

“A lot of the times the hospitals are receiving the PPE and the nursing homes are not so much. So any donation - a mask, a gown a glove - is greatly appreciated,” said Heather McCool, Arbor Woods administrator.”

“We’re trying to be helpful. Hopefully others will figure out a way that they can be helpful you don’t have to give 500 give 50,” said Richard Dickerson, a Rice Law Firm consultant.

The Rice Law Firm plans to make more future donations of PPE to other smaller facilities in rural areas in need.

Contact Arbor Woods Health and Rehab Center Address: 515 2nd Ave NW, Reform, AL 35481, Phone: (205) 375-6379 if you want to donate PPE.

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