Former Tide & Tiger players weigh-in on SEC football season

What will conferences do for the season?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Of course former Alabama and Auburn players Roger Shultz and Tommy Jackson want to see football this fall, but both agree, with the latest announcement from the Big Ten and ACC, they’re trying to stay optimistic.

After the Big Ten announced a conference-only schedule for fall sports Thursday afternoon, former Auburn defensive tackle Tommy Jackson believes that decision makes sense and expects other conferences to follow suit.

“People are not going to want to travel, not in a large group, you want to limit as much contact as possible. If you look at the NBA and how they made the bubble, that’s because people are trying their best to not to travel,”Jackson said.

Former Alabama center Roger Shultz believes the NCAA will have a hard time in mandating a decision regarding COVID-19 and the season for all teams because of the various cases in each state, but believes there will be a season.

“I think the Power Five schools, the D-1 schools I should say, they’re going to play. There’s a lot of money involved, you may not have the fans in the stands or as many as you can, but I’ll watch it on TV, you have to have something,” said Shultz.

“Yes, I would love college football, but is that the smartest thing for our players? I think you’re going to see the closer to August we get, you’re going to see changes,” added Jackson.

The SEC has not released any plans on the upcoming season, but if they move to a conference-only schedule, Alabama would open the season against Georgia and Auburn against Ole Miss.

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