Tuscaloosa businesses clean up from severe flooding

Damage from overnight flooding in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The damaged varied for several businesses impacted by Tuesday night’s rainstorm in Tuscaloosa.

Some water made it inside a furniture store and employees used fans to dry the carpet.

But the owner of a hotel fears he could have to close for the rest of the year. Tuscaloosa’s Best Western on McFarland Boulevard is closed because of intense flooding Tuesday night.

“I was fixing to go down and find my room, and I just saw water rushing to the car and once I was turning around and about to park water, it was up to the bottom of the car,” Cedric Pettway told WBRC.

He says he was driving through the parking lot and didn’t realize how bad the flooding was until it was too late.

“My seat’s wet, my car don’t start, battery dead and a lot of problems,” Pettway continued.

The water that lifted cars from their parking spaces was long gone Wednesday, but there’s plenty of damage left behind.

People who were staying in the hotel during the flooding, shared pictures of water coming into their rooms and moving around beds and other pieces of furniture.

The hotel’s owner says 40 rooms were occupied at the time.

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue was called out to the scene and assisted getting 75 people to higher ground according to a department spokesperson.

Haverty’s Furniture is about a mile away from the Best Western.

Flood water came through a back door and wet some carpet, but none of the furniture was damaged.

“The water came up over the creek into our parking lot. We actually have a truck that’s being towed as we speak. And we have a service van that was at least halfway underwater,” Cheryl Drawdy, the General Manager said.

Reggie Lancaster owns the Best Western. He didn’t want to talk to us on camera, but he blamed part of the flooding on a dam giving way at Patton Creek.

He said the water runs into a drainage ditch next to the Best Western’s parking lot.

WBRC reached out to the city about Lancaster’s concerns. We’re still waiting for a response.

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