Hoover City Schools: ‘If you move, you mask’

Hoover City Schools: ‘If you move, you mask’
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HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: Hoover City Schools sent a survey link to parents and caretakers Friday to get an idea on where parents stand on masks and face coverings.

New information was released Tuesday as Hoover City Schools’ leaders prepare to reopen schools August 6.

Parents and students also have the option of virtual school for the 2020-2021 school year.

Next Monday at the regular monthly school board meeting, the Hoover City Schools’ board members will consider a possible delay to the 2020-2021 school year.

This is the message from Hoover City Schools in reference to student health, wellness and safety:

Dear HCS Family,

In the area of health, wellness and safety, it is important to emphasize that the parent is the first line of defense for the child. Please take your child’s temperature everyday before school and determine if signs of illness exist, and, if so, please do not send your child to school with fever or when exhibiting signs of being sick.

Please encourage your child to wash hands often, as we will do the same. We will have dispensers with hand-sanitizer throughout our buildings, but we encourage you to send personal hand-sanitizer to school with your child.

Please encourage your child to wear a mask or mouth and nose covering as often as possible with the understanding that a mask or mouth and nose covering will be REQUIRED on the bus. A mask or mouth and nose covering also will be REQUIRED when moving around the classroom and when moving into and outside the classroom such as in the hallways and in common areas of the school. Our requirement is “if you move, you mask.” While we highly encourage a mask at all times, we understand the challenges of this request particularly for younger children. At this time, while a mask is not required in the classroom (unless moving around the room), the safest practice is to have your child wear a mask or mouth and nose covering at all times. Please set your expectations regarding masking with your child.

Social distancing is very important. Remind your child what the distance of six feet looks like and encourage your child to maintain this distance from others as often as possible.

We all must understand when larger groups of people come together, indoors, in limited spaces, such as a school bus or classroom, the chances of exposure to any illness, including coronavirus, increases.

Our school nurses are committed to assessing and assisting your child with health needs. When called by our school nurses, thank you for assisting us in the care of your child and, in doing so, giving protection to other children.

The best way for us to ensure we physically stay in school is to honor requests and abide by the requirements for safety as given by school and district leadership.


Hoover City Schools

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