Gaiter a better option than bandana to prevent COVID spread

Skip the bandana, find a mask

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Neck gaiters are a fine alternative, according to health officials, because they cover your nose and your mouth completely.

“Those are great options, and for those people who have trouble with facial coverings being comfortable, or the mask or facial covering staying cool, I think those are very good options that provide good protection to the people around you,” said Dr. Wesley Willeford at the Jefferson County Department of Health.

Options such as bandanas that don't completely cover the mouth and nose have been found to be less effective.

The video above will show you when a person sneezes while wearing a bandana during a study at Florida Atlantic University, the looseness allows the spit droplets to go everywhere.

No matter what kind of facial covering, experts say something is better than nothing.

“Any covering for sure is better than no covering,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday.

If you are using a gaiter or cloth mask, just make sure to wash them regularly.

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