Should you throw a child’s birthday bash this year?

Children's birthday parties amid pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - For young kids, you invite their whole class over, the kids from church... and usually the adults stay and hang out.

The age bracket for babies to four-year-olds makes up less than two percent of all COVID cases in Alabama,

But the next bracket, ages five to 24, makes up more than 18 percent, or nearly one in five total cases.

At a birthday party, kids from different households mingling together with no provisions for distancing, could present risk, according to a UAB pediatrician who says they might just need to wait.

“I would try to limit that right now, I think that not only do we not know necessarily the spread among children, but generally speaking, especially with younger children, when they go to parties, their parents go with them,” said Dr. David Kimberlin.

Adults, ages 25 to 49, make up almost half of all cases in the state.

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