More businesses boosting online presence during COVID-19

Businesses going digital to stay afloat

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Local businesses are switching gears to stay afloat and relevant during the pandemic.

Going digital has been the answer for many.

Scott Bell, CEO and Founder of Bell Media Company, said these past few months have been crazy busy.

They're helping businesses create or update their online presence, because now more than ever, that's where consumers are.

Bell Media Company is a web design company that offers digital marketing solutions.

Over the last 120 days, they've published well over 100 brand new websites, and that doesn't include updating websites for businesses.

Bell said recently they've seen business from industries that normally haven't recognized the value of a website, but are now considering ecommerce.

"I think it's really easy in this environment for everyone to be concerned and scared. And a lot of it, there's some validity there. But how can you take advantage of this moment when you are now motivated to do something about your web presence, and think about how that can positively impact your business two years from now," said Bell.

He added that with a lot of consumers going online to shop during COVID-19, that habit could stick around after the pandemic.

So what you do now with your business’ online presence shouldn’t just focus on today, but also on a strong future.

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