Walker Co. deals with packed jail during pandemic

Walker Co. dealing with jail overcrowding

WALKER CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Right now, the Walker County Jail is housing close to 319 inmates, when they usually house closer to 280.

Part of the reason for the large number of inmates is because the Department of Corrections has made its intake procedures at prisons a lot more strict during the pandemic.

And that makes preventing a major COVID-19 outbreak in a crowded jail a priority.

Dr. Roger Childers, a registered nurse who directs health services at the Walker County Jail, said they recently finished a mass testing of inmates.

Two tested positive.

"All the county jails, they're packed," said Childers. "So I think you'll see more in the future doing what Walker County's doing, as far as mass testing. And then hopefully they'll have some triage tents if they have a problem and handle it that way. Because you cannot let it turn into a big disaster."

Childers said the Department of Corrections is starting to loosen up those restrictions, and a few of the Walker County inmates will be transported to prison soon.

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