‘Friday the 13th’-like villain stars in PSA for mask wearing

‘It’s not easy. A mask kind of makes people uncomfortable’

(CNN/Gray News) – A character who looks a lot like “Friday the 13th” villain Jason Voorhees is the poster boy for a new public service announcement encouraging New Yorkers to wear masks during the pandemic.

State officials hope a dose of humor will help with the cause.

“It’s not easy. A mask kind of makes people uncomfortable,” the character narrates as residents of Manhattan dodge the hockey mask-wearing figure.

The 30-second PSA was released by Ogilvy Health.

“I know, the whole chainsaw thing, I get it,” the narration continues. “But the thing is, behind the mask, I’m a regular guy.”

Sitting dejected on a park bench, a little girl approaches, giving him a standard face mask. He puts it on and gets a nod of approval from the girl.

The PSA ends: “Wearing a mask can be scary. Not wearing one can be deadly.”

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